Cham Samco and Sons, Inc. was incorporated in 1947 shortly after the World War II. It is one of the early pioneers of the hardware and construction business founded in the 1900s Binondo Manila where it’s main office still stands today.

The company has grown since then from a simple one man buy and sell operation in the early years to a key importer and distributor nationwide of a wide selection of quality and branded hardware, paints, construction material and tools.

Since the 1950s, Cham Samco and Sons, Inc. has operated a steel manufacturing business in the last 5 decades and a half. Being one of the early pioneers of pole line, hardware and bolts and nuts manufacturing, it has successfully curved a niche in the market earning trust of customers nationwide through its TRINITY and TRI-STEEL brand. 

To be the partner of choice and leading solution provider of our clients.

We strive to be leader in our business and make meaningful contribution to growth and success of our partners and stakeholders.

We are driven by the following core values:
  • Leadership and Humility
  • Credibility and Trustworthiness
  • Quality and Value
  • Customer Focus and Engagement
  • Empowerment and Teamwork
  • Stewardship and Professionalism
  • Growth and Adaptability

Green Power Mosquito Trap in Manila
Green Power Mosquito Trap

​​​​​​​This product uses UV lamps which can produce 360-400nm light. This light can attract mosquitoes and other flies and when these flies are near the machine, fan will suck them down into the box and dry them out.
Miranda HSS Tool Bits in Manila
​​​​​​​Miranda HSS Tool Bits:

- HSS Square & Round Tool Bits & Engraving Tools in M2, M35, M42 & T42 Grade
- Square tools are supplied with Sq end / 15° bevel angle
- HSS Flat tool & HSS Parting Tool are available in M35 & T42 Grade
- HSS Butt Welded Tools
- Special Tools as per Customer’s Drawings & Specifications

Eclipse Torque Wrenches (Ratchet Head)
HDG Machine Bolts ​
Square Head Machine Bolts ​
Eclipse Spiralux Heavy Duty Lazy Tong Riveter
Poleline Hardware Pole Clamp ​
Lufkin Oil Gaging Tape ​
K-1500​​​​​​​ Sectional Machine
Louisville Fiberglass A Type Ladders ​ ​
Louisville Fiberglass Extension Ladders ​
Band-IT Buckles ​
Band-IT SS Strap ​
Band-IT Tool C001 ​
Nicholson Files ​
Dormer Drill Bit Set ​
Dormer Titanium Nitride ​
Eclipse Heavy Duty Riveter 2730
Dormer End Mill ​
Dormer Taper Shank Drill Bit ​​
Blu-Mol Hole Saw Set ​​

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500-508 Sto. Cristo St., Binondo Manila 1010, Philippines

Telephone Numbers:
+63 (2) 82431561 to 68

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